Trevor Shilton

Keynote Speaker

Consultant – Health Promotion, Physical Activity, Adjunct Professor in the School of Public Health at Curtin University and Adjunct Associate Professor in the School of Sport Science Exercise and Health, the University of Western Australia.

Trevor has extensive experience at national and global levels in non-government, government and academic work. His specialities include global health, advocacy, health promotion, physical activity, the built environment and mass media campaigns.

Trevor led National Heart Foundation initiatives in physical activity for more than 25 years. These include the award-winning urban design and health program Healthy Active by Design, Heart Foundation Walking, evaluation of the Jump Rope for Heart program, and advocacy initiatives such as the Blueprint for an Active Australia.

In recent years Trevor has served on several global Boards covering physical activity, health promotion, noncommunicable disease prevention and advocacy.

Trevor has gained extensive experience and insight into translating evidence into robust initiatives such as large-scale community-wide programs and systems approaches to population health. His principal passion is advocacy and mobilising change for better health.

Trevor has published over 80 scientific papers, three books and four book chapters.

He enjoys being active by cycling, swimming and walking.