Professor Amy Ha

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Keynote Address: Creating better policies and environments for children’s physical activity by Working Together with stakeholders across disciplines and roles.

Children’s physical activity, or the lack of, is associated with a myriad of physical and social factors. To generate real, sustainable impact in such behaviours, it is critical to get various stakeholders to work together. In this keynote, I will share our evidence-based, physical activity promotion efforts and experiences in working with interdisciplinary researchers, key influencers of children including parents and school principals, and governmental policymakers. While the engagement of respective parties is important, effective communication and coordination between everyone involved is critical to generating impactful outcomes from policy to practical levels.


About Amy:

Professor Amy Ha is the Associate Dean for Research (2015 – 2023) of the Faculty of Education and formerly the Chairperson (2009–2015) of the Department of Sports Science and Physical Education at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Her research interests include application of information technology in physical education and sports, family-based physical activity, fundamental movement skills, physical literacy, and teachers’ professional development.