Ms Tamara Bozovic


Barriers to walking as experienced, measured, and seen by practitioners.  

People assess their environments, deciding how “walkable” they are, and what barriers they present. Perceived barriers and difficulties are essential to understanding why local trips might not be walked. This presentation examines the non-walkable as perceived by diverse people and by professionals involved in the design of street environments. Drawing on interviews of Aucklanders (disabled and non-disabled), as well as a survey and focus group of professionals, it examines how the needs are understood by the practice, and what challenges evidence-based improvement of the environments. 

About Tamara: Tamara Bozovic is a transport planner interested in cities for people, places that are inclusive, sustainable, and easy to get around. She has worked in Switzerland, Argentina and New Zealand, focusing on public transport, walking, cycling, and integration between transport systems and urban design. Now she is completing a PhD at Auckland University of Technology examining barriers to walking experienced by people of different ages and abilities, in car-dominated urban environments.