Mr George Weeks


Healthy Urban Design: Learning from London and Auckland 

Regular physical activity is essential for public health. Successive investment decisions in favour of private motor traffic have reduced people’s exposure to utilitarian exercise. While the health consequences of physical inactivity are reasonably well known, it can be much more challenging to redirect business-as-usual processes to deliver streets that enable active travel. How can the community voice make a difference? This presentation examines case studies from Auckland and London, examining innovative approaches to street design, communication, engagement and evaluation. 

About George: George Weeks is a Principal Urban Designer in the Auckland Council Urban Design Unit, focusing on land use and transport integration in Auckland city centre. He was previously an urban designer at Transport for London (TfL) responsible for streetscape guidance, healthy urban design and valuing the urban realm. His work reflects a lifelong interest in the design of inclusive city streets and their impact on people’s health and wellbeing. (100 words)