David Dunstan

Vice President

David is the Head of the Baker Deakin Department of Lifestyle and Diabetes, Deputy Director, Physical Activity Laboratory Head at Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute in Melbourne and Chair, Lifestyle and Diabetes, Deakin University. He is the Vice-President of ASPA and Co-Chair of the Partnerships Committee.  

His team has been a major international contributor to sedentary behaviour research, building on the initial observational-study evidence to provide experimental findings from laboratory studies and real-world intervention and implementation trials. The research has stimulated serious consideration of novel preventive and therapeutic strategies to support the simplified public health and clinical practice message to ‘sit less and move more’. 

David brings extensive experience to his role at ASPA through his track record in developing collaborations with multidisciplinary research teams and also successful partnerships with government and non-government agencies, along with industry and occupational partners both nationally and internationally.