Thank you Parks and Leisure Australia!

On the 26th of July 2022, Parks and Leisure Australia (PLA) was the first external organisation to deliver a webinar where ASPA members were given free attendance, in addition to PLA members. On behalf of ASPA, we thank PLA for their initiative as well as their inclusion of ASPA members.

In case you missed this exciting webinar, focused on unlocking the current opportunities for increasing children’s physical activity, based on the findings of the recent Active Healthy Kids Australia PA Report Card, the event recording is available for ASPA members here. Find out more about the event and PLA below:

In case you missed the event:

Getting kids active and healthy is a goal all local governments across Australia share, but according to the Active Healthy Kids Australia: 2022 Report Card there has been no significant improvement in physical activity levels amongst our kids since measurements were started in 2014. So how do we improve physical activity outcomes for children in our communities?

This Rec+ Research session on Active Healthy Kids, delivered in partnership with Rec People and ASPA, included a panel of experts discussing the latest Active Healthy Kids Australian Report Card 2022 and the potential opportunities held within the data presented.

ASPA members can access the event recording here.

About PLA and the Rec + Research initiative:

Parks and Leisure Australia (PLA) is the leading industry association for professionals and organisations involved in the parks, leisure, recreation, sport, open space, and environment sector. As the national peak body for ‘THE PEOPLE BEHIND THE PLACES’ we support our members through the provision of training, professional development, research and advocacy. Through these services we support members to provide opportunities that strengthen communities through good use of leisure time for the social, environmental, economic and physical well being of all Australians. You can find out more about us here: About Us (

Parks and Leisure Australia Vic/Tas Region (PLA Vic/Tas) and Rec People have created a partnership to bring evidence-based research findings from sport, recreation, leisure, play, parks and open space sectors to the physical activity industry. The joint initiative Rec+ Research is a result of both organisations recognising a need to deliver a dedicated program that identifies and presents the latest industry research findings directly to the practitioners who are responsible for the planning and delivery of programs, services and infrastructure in our communities. The goal of Rec+ Research is to keep industry professionals up to date with the latest data and research on parks and open space provision and usage, sport and recreation facility provision, and physical activity programs and services. To discuss opportunities to present your research findings as part of Rec+ Research, please contact Dan Ferguson, Executive Officer, Parks and Leisure Australia (Vic/Tas) on or 0432 334 054.