Physical Activity Debate

Not your typical webinar #ASPAdebate

It’s time to come together, to have some fun and talk about what really matters! We are bringing together great minds working in the field of physical activity across Australasia for the inaugural ‘Physical Activity Debate’.

The debate topic is: “A 15% reduction in physical inactivity will be achieved in Australasia by 2030”. The topic refers to the global target in the World Health Organisation’s Global Action Plan on Physical Activity 2018-2030.

Two teams (Affirmative and Negative) will use their expertise, charisma, and sharp rebuttals to persuade you that their team is correct. Debates a healthy part of the science and practice of physical activity.

The speakers listed below will be divided into teams as the event gets closer. With three speakers per team, affirmative and negative speakers will have less than 5 minutes each to share credible, simple, and humorous arguments to influence your opinion. Then the audience will rate their speech on Humour, Credibility, Simplicity, and Influence. Your rating will be recorded and used to decide which is the winning team at the end of the #ASPAdebate.

Please use this registration link to access the Zoom webinar details:

Debate speakers