Member Spotlight: Jessica Seymour

Name: Jessica Seymour
Twitter: jessseymour_
Areas of Interest: Health equity in physical activity, women’s health, non-communicable diseases
Organisation/Employer/University: Healthy Cities Illawarra
Project/Media/Research links you’d like to share:

Are you looking to collaborate? Yes

I am open to collaborating with…
☐ Practitioners (e.g. exercise physiologists, town planners etc.)
☐ Policy (e.g. particular state/federal department)
☒ Research (e.g. fields of interest)
☒ Mentor(s)/mentee(s)
☐ Other (please specify)

Please provide more detail about the box(es) you checked:
I am always interested to learn and share with people passionate about PA!

My favourite way to be active on the weekend:
Walking my favourite trails in the National Park…bonus points if there’s a swimming spot along the way!

How you became involved in PA:
I’ve been active all my life, it’s a great way to connect with people and a great tool for social change. It gave me the confidence to pursue a career in Exercise Physiology and now, Public Health to be able to create environments that support other women and girls to find their voice through PA.

This is what I do…
I wear a few different hats, I work as a Health Promotion Officer developing, delivering and evaluating physical activity programs. I also work as an Exercise Physiologist in private practice
…so that…
I can work with individuals and communities to support opportunities for good health across the entire health spectrum