Maintaining Physical Activities during the COVID-19 Outbreak in Hong Kong

In this this final COVID-19 series video #6, Dr Yanping Duan interviews Professor Chung Pak-Kwong, Chairman of the Physical Fitness Association Hong Kong and Associate Dean and Professor with Hong Kong Baptist University.

They discuss maintaining physical activities during COVID-19 in Hong Kong and some of the key take-aways include:

  • important to support people to stay active at home and utilise digital media
  • need to adapt messages and support given so that it is specific to the situation in Hong Kong – space and time are big barriers during strict lockdowns
  • parents need to be supported to role model physical activity while at home
  • older adults need to continue receiving support from family and carers to continue being physically active – some of the typical activities, like walking outside, cannot happen. Important to provide them with the resources and skills needed to be active at home
  • people wearing face masks when being active outdoors need to be mindful of how this may impact their bodies response.